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Material processing


Site development and road construction require specialized materials as a part of the process. Crushed concrete and soil cement are two of these materials. C & M produces crushed concrete for road sub-base use in its own facility. This material is produced after screening to eliminate unsuitable material. Often concrete from a demolition effort is used in making crushed concrete. Material used meets all appropriate governmental standards prior to use. The crushed concrete operation is a recycling effort which provides cost efficiency to the customer and a benefit to the environment. C & M pursues recycling opportunities at all our projects and provides recyling resources for other companies by accepting their excess materials.

Soil cement and other cement containing materials are used for the part of the road which will receive the asphalt wearing surface.  Soil cement is predominately used in road construction in this area as it is resistant to softening by water intrusion and, since it contains cement, it hardens with age providing a strong road. C & M soil cement production is by an on-site plant brought to each job. This allows a high quality product with no structural loss caused by long trucking times when the material is brought it from off site.


All soil cement and crushed material produced is tested for compaction, size, and strength by C & M staff prior to use.

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